Airbnb Guests and Barcelona

The Airbnb community brings enormous social and economic benefits to Barcelona. Previous studies have shown that Airbnb generated $175 million in economic activity in Barcelona in one year alone. The same study found that Airbnb guests are looking for local, authentic experiences in Barcelona. And when they get to Barcelona they stay longer and spend more.

Today, we’re releasing new data about Airbnb guests who visit Barcelona. The data helps confirm what we’ve known for years: Airbnb brings responsible, respectful travelers to Barcelona who want to experience one of the world’s most amazing cities. While they are here, they spend money at local businesses and with local residents who occasionally share their homes and use the money they earn to pay the bills. You can check it out the infographic here. Some of the highlights about Airbnb guests who visit Barcelona include:

  • The average age of Airbnb guests in Barcelona is 40
  • 60 percent of Airbnb guests are visiting Barcelona for the first time
  • 71 percent of Airbnb guests look for more amenities than a traditional hotel can provide
  • 85 percent have a college degree or higher degree
  • 20 percent would have spent less time in Barcelona if they weren’t staying in Airbnb
  • 72 percent say they want to live like a local

Airbnb guests say they are most interested in dining, exploring new neighborhoods and cultural tourism.

  • 66 percent spent the money they save on food and shopping
  • Half of the money they spend goes to businesses in the neighbourhood where they stay

Airbnb guests travel in small groups and they’re seeing the real Barcelona.

  • 83 percent of Airbnb guests travel with two or fewer people

As our community grows and changes, we will continue to share with you how Airbnb guests and hosts promote sustainable tourism in Barcelona. We look forward to working with leaders in Barcelona, and throughout Spain, on a constructive dialogue about the benefits of home sharing, and the need for smart rules and regulations that support innovation and growth.