#AirbnbWithBCN A plan to build a better Barcelona for everyone

Airbnb is committed to promoting responsible home sharing and working with cities to find solutions to local concerns. We believe we can work together to achieve clear home sharing rules that work for everyone.

In recent weeks, we have had the opportunity to meet officials, hosts and neighbours and hear more about the challenges facing Barcelona – particularly regarding the concentration of guests in Ciutat Vella and potential impacts on long-term housing availability.

We firmly believe these issues are best addressed through progressive government policies and that home sharing is part of the solution. Home sharing helps regular Barcelonians boost their income, afford their homes and spreads guests and benefits across the city.

We also understand local concerns on the potential impacts of home sharing on Ciutat Vella and want to take proactive steps to ensure Airbnb is helping make Barcelona a better place for everyone. So today, we announce our plan to be part of the solution in Barcelona:

One Host, One Home

In the most congested area of the city, Ciutat Vella, we will introduce automated systems that shall limit Airbnb hosts to sharing only one entire home listing, unless they are professional operators and share their business details on their Airbnb profile.

Identifying home sharers and professional operators in Barcelona

We will introduce tools in Barcelona that provide greater transparency on the Airbnb host community and clearly state whether Airbnb hosts are businesses or regular people sharing their homes.

Regular Barcelonians sharing their homes will be limited to sharing one entire home listing in Ciutat Vella. Across the city, hosts will be asked to identify if the listing is their home or if they are running a business.

This changes will be implemented in April.

Helping hosts pay tax

We know Airbnb hosts want to pay their fair share of tourist tax and we want to help.

Across the world, we have worked with governments to collect and remit tourist taxes on behalf of Airbnb hosts. So far, we have collected more than €170 million in more than 220 cities and communities.

We want to work with officials to expand this initiative to Barcelona and Catalonia and make it easy for residents who share their homes to contribute financially to their city.

Being Good Neighbours

We want to do everything we can to help our community be good neighbours in the communities hosts call home, and we have introduced a new tool to help achieve that aim. Around the world, anyone can share specific concerns they might have about a listing in their community.

#AirbnbWithBCN plan

Cities across the world have introduced progressive rules that distinguish between regular people sharing their homes and professional providers running a business. The rules for home sharing in these cities are clear, simple and easy for regular people to follow.

In Barcelona, there are no rules for regular people who share their homes – only rules for professional hosts running a business. They favour commercial operators and apartments turned over solely for tourism – typically in tourism hotspots.

These rules have caused a lot of confusion and misinformation about Airbnb hosts and why they share their homes. We believe rules should work for everyone in the city and local residents should be free to welcome guests into their homes.

As we implement these measures, we will continue to work with policymakers in Barcelona and Catalonia on home sharing rules that work for the city.

Airbnb in Barcelona

More than 11,000 hosts in Barcelona welcomed 1.25 million travellers last year. This is a lively community that understands home sharing as a different way of travelling to places they otherwise could not afford. Travellers using Airbnb want a different experience; they want to live like a local and have a responsible immersion in the local culture.

Hosts decide to share their homes to earn some extra money and make ends meet. 48% of listings on Airbnb are rooms in private houses, and the vast majority of them (8 in 10) are outside of Ciutat Vella. Home sharing spreads tourism benefits beyond tourist hotspots, also helping local businesses around Barcelona. The economic impact of home sharing in the city of Barcelona is estimated at €740 million a year.