Barcelona hosts help as Food Bank volunteers

Banc dels Aliments

Around twenty Barcelona home sharers got together on November 30 to volunteer with local food bank “Fundació Banc dels Aliments.” At the end of 2016, this food bank asked for more than 20,000 volunteers to collect, classify and distribute non-perishable food, like pasta, rice, legumes or oil. Barcelona hosts went to the warehouse in Zona Franca, where the donated food was stored, and helped organise and prepare boxes with food that were then distributed among people in need. Hosts prepared almost 31 tons of food during one afternoon.

“Banc dels Aliments” is a private foundation that recuperates excess food supermarkets could not sell, as well as food donated by individuals. The food bank estimates that donations exceeded 4.000 tons of food during its big campaign – “Gran Recapte” – at the end of 2016.

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