Catalonia aligns itself with other European countries on the benefits of the sharing economy

The Catalan Ministry of Tourism published a report yesterday about the Sharing Economy recognising its benefits and differentiates home sharing from professional operators.This report should now form the basis of any new regulation enforced by the Catalan Government.

This report aligns Catalonia with other European countries such as the United Kingdom, France and the Nordics, among others who allow its citizens to occasionally share their primary home. It also moves the home sharing debate in the right direction, as it opens the door for hosts to be able to share their entire homes when they are out of town, which would also benefit Catalonia.

We believe that allowing Catalan families to share their homes for short periods of time promotes a model of sustainable and quality tourism for Catalonia. We estimate that last year, around 7,400 Catalan families shared one or more rooms in their primary residence. If those families could also share their full home when they are on vacation, or travelling, they would potentially be able to earn a combined, €38 M a year.