Catalonia Working on Plans to Regulate Sharing Economy

Officials from the Government of Catalonia are working on plans to embrace the sharing economy and introduce new rules for regular people who share their homes to pay the bills, according to press reports today.

Government officials are working on an agreement to support the sharing economy and plan to establish a new working group to develop a new legal framework for the sharing economy. They describe the sharing economy as “unstoppable” and say new rules are needed to support home sharing, distinguish clearly between professional and non-professional operators, and to “give special impetus” to the Catalan economy.

Officials also say the new rules should follow the example of other major European cities – like Amsterdam – that have introduced clear and simple rules for regular people who share their homes.

We applaud the Catalan government for recognising the benefits the sharing economy can offer to everyone in Catalonia. The rules currently applied to home sharing in Catalonia were designed for a different industry in a different era, and don’t fit this new activity. While we haven’t seen the new proposals, we look forward to learning more about them and how we can work together to support regular Catalonians – just like we have in other major cities around the world, including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan and many U.S. cities.

In November, we announced the Community Compact, which explained our commitment to work with cities and we look forward to working with everyone in Catalonia on clear, fair rules.

We know the Airbnb community brings huge benefits to Catalonia and supports thousands of everyday innovators who share their homes to help pay the bills, support their families and pursue new ventures. Over 340,000 Catalans used Airbnb to travel last year and last month we shared news that more than five million guests from around the world have used Airbnb to visit Spain. We want to work with everyone in Catalonia to support this vision and enable more people to experience the real Catalonia – away from tourist hotspots and in the homes of local people.