Defend home sharing in Catalonia: email your elected officials

People have always shared the house they live in with travellers, who then become temporary neighbours in a city. For thousands of families in Catalonia, home sharing helps them earn some extra money and stay in the homes and neighbourhoods they love. But regular families could now find burdensome restrictions to keep sharing their homes:

  • Hotels are trying to stop home sharing and are encouraging laws that are detrimental to citizens.
  • The Catalan government is planning a tourism decree that will consider home sharing as a professional activity.
  • The Government of Catalonia and Barcelona City Hall, through its recent urbanistic plan, are driving a tourist model that benefits big corporations over citizens.

Catalonia must pass clear and proportionate rules for home sharing. So take a few moments and email your elected officials to tell them home sharing should not be considered a professional activity.

Email your elected officials and defend home sharing