Economic Impact Report

Barcelona supports home sharing because it makes the city more affordable and attracts quality tourism.

Home sharing and Airbnb are making Barcelona more affordable by helping locals earn a little extra income by sharing their home and the city they love.

  • Many local residents on low incomes rely on the money they make from sharing their home to make ends meet. 75 percent of Airbnb hosts earn at or below Catalonia’s average household income. They spend 60 percent of the extra money they make hosting on Airbnb on important household expenses.
  • 53 percent of Airbnb hosts say the extra money they make hosting on Airbnb has helped them stay in their homes.
  • €157 million in economic activity in Barcelona was generated through use of the Airbnb platform and 4,310 jobs were supported in the twelve months from August 2012 – July 2013.

Home sharing and Airbnb attracts quality guests to Barcelona who want to live like a local. They stay longer, spend more and spread the economic benefits of tourism across the city.

  • The average Airbnb guest in Barcelona is 40 years old and 85% have at least a college degree. 96% want to live like a local.
  • Airbnb guests stay 2.4 times longer and spend 2.3 times more money compared to typical tourists. They eat in local restaurants, shop at local businesses and stay in more diverse neighborhoods throughout the city. Half the money they spent went to businesses in the neighborhood where they stayed.
  • 71% were looking for more amenities than a traditional hotel provides and 20% wouldn’t have stayed as long if they weren’t staying in a home listed on Airbnb.

Local residents believe home sharing and Airbnb make Barcelona a better place to live, work and visit.

  • 81 percent of Barcelona residents say that tourism has a mostly or completely positive impact on Barcelona. Nearly 90 percent believe tourism helps the economy and 60 percent believe tourism has a positive impact on the quality of life.
  • 61 percent agree that people should be able to rent their houses, apartments or rooms to visitors on a short-term basis – for example, by sharing their home on the Airbnb platform.
  • 74 percent believe this activity can help regular people pay their bills.

“Airbnb guests stay longer and spend more in the diverse neighborhoods throughout the city. There’s no question that Airbnb significantly supports neighborhood businesses and makes the city stronger.” – Alexander Neumann (Dwif Consulting Economist)

Airbnb attracts new visitors to Barcelona who want authentic, cultural and sustainable experiences. Local residents are the best people to provide this – sharing both their homes and the city they love.