Share your home sharing story with the Catalan government Help shape the future of home sharing in Catalonia

The Catalan government has launched a public consultation into the sharing economy and the role of “citizen producers”. The Generalitat wants to know if home sharers should be ruled by the same legislation that applies to tourist apartments or if regulation should be more flexible for people only looking to share their spare room.

We know there is a big difference between sharing your home and running a tourism business. Home sharers should not be considered professional operators. That is why Catalonia needs clear, fair and proportionate home sharing rules.

This is an important moment for home sharing in Catalonia and Barcelona. The regional government is drafting a tourism decree that could change the way we understand home sharing today. This is your opportunity to share your story, make your voice heard and help secure clear home sharing rules in Catalonia. With your help, the new rules could make it easier for local families to share their homes.

The more stories the regional government hears, the more it will understand the importance of passing fair and simple home sharing legislation. So take a few moments to tell policymakers your home sharing story and help shape the future of home sharing in Catalonia.


Note: the consultation will be open until 30th April 2017.

Contact your closest Home Sharing Club if you want to get involved and protect the future of home sharing in Catalonia.