Antonio’s Story "My mother shared her home to take care of others - now home sharing helps me take care of her”

For Antonio and his family, home sharing has always been part of their lives. In fact, it’s how his parents met.

“During the 60s, my mother opened our home to the families of patients at the nearby Vall d’Hebron Hospital. There were no hotels in this area, so people from all over Spain used to sleep in our home to be close to their loved ones. My father stayed in that house and fell in love with his host – my mother. So you could say I am a son of home sharing.”

Following the death of his father, Antonio has taken responsibility for caring for his mother in her old age. He relies on the income he makes by sharing their home in Horta-Guinardó to take care of her and show her the kindness she showed others throughout her life.

“My mother has always been generous with her home, her time and her energy. She’s made life easier for countless families in the region – it’s right that I do the same for her now. Without the additional income we get from sharing our home, this wouldn’t be possible.”

Antonio says that taking care of family is an integral part of his culture. It is an important part of Barcelona’s history and should be part of the city’s future.

“Home sharing is not something new in Barcelona – it’s been going on for a lifetime. The main difference now is that it’s safer and more convenient. And where people used to come from Burgos in Spain, thanks to the internet they now come from Australia, Japan and Canada.”