Update from Catalonia Catalonian government fine declared null and void

A fine issued by the Government of Catalonia against Airbnb has been declared null and void by the administrative court of Barcelona, and the court made clear that Barcelona should work to adopt clear rules for home sharing.

In its ruling, the court said there is an “orphanhood” in the regulation of phenomenons like Airbnb, which cannot be satisfied through existing tourism rules and court sanctions, and called for new regulations.

The court also said it hopes the ruling will help clarify other ongoing legal cases from Catalonia and Barcelona regarding home sharing.

We welcome this ruling and are eager to work with community leaders in Barcelona and throughout Spain on clear, fair rules for home sharing. Last week, we issued the Airbnb Policy Tool Chest, a list of suggestions for policymakers who want to regulate home sharing, and we hope to meet with leaders in Spain as soon as possible to discuss these ideas.

We hope this ruling will help clarify the role of online platforms like Airbnb and kickstart a new conversation on how Airbnb and policymakers in Barcelona and Catalonia can work together on clear home sharing rules that empower regular Barcelonians and support our joint aims of making Barcelona a better place to live, work and visit.