Update on Barcelona City Hall decision

Barcelona City Hall announced yesterday a new fine against Airbnb. We are saddened to see that the Barcelona City Hall has had the opposite reaction to most cities in Europe and around the world.

Airbnb knows every city has unique policy issues and wants to work with cities to be a good partner. This collaboration has proved successful in cities such as Paris, Lisbon or Amsterdam and Airbnb has reached agreements with 200 cities and regions.

We regret that Barcelona City Hall, as opposed to many other cities, has not shown a real interest in exploring constructive dialogue with Airbnb over the last months. Our last meeting took place only one month ago and the City Hall committed to keep the conversation open.

We believe home sharing is part of the solution in Barcelona. It puts money in the pockets of locals, makes efficient use of space and spreads guests to middle class families and their communities.

Hosts on Airbnb are typically middle class families who share their homes to make some extra cash. We want to work with Barcelona City Hall to support them and clampdown on bad actors, like we are in other cities around the world.

But the rules for home sharing in Barcelona confusing for everyone. Barcelona needs clear rules that distinguish home sharing from other actors in the city.

Home sharing is centuries old, but home sharing on an online platform is new and new developments take time to figure out. We want to work with policy makers to create modern rules for home sharing, so that hosts, citizens and governments can benefit from it.

We will keep proactively seeking collaboration with Barcelona to maintain this dialogue and support regular people who share their homes.